How Satellite GPS Messenger System Can Help You In Extreme Situations

SOS (Single Operation System) Facility

Spot messenger comes with a wide range of attractive features and SOS is just one of them. If you find yourself trapped in a place where there is no cell phone signal available, a spot messenger can come to your aid. It has SOS features which will help you to send instant messages, together with your GPS location, to seek help from someone. This technology has made it simple to communicate and seek help even in the worst case scenarios such as, floods, or other natural disasters, that are capable of taking down the terrestrial communication systems.

Tracking facility

It is immensely useful when a person is undertaking any adventurous activities like hiking, expeditions or sailing. This device will allow you to keep your contacts informed about the progress of your activities and your whereabouts using the Google map. This helps your loved ones to continuously trace your location and save you in case of any mishaps.

Check In Facility

This facility helps in sending out messages along with your GPS location, for up to ten people through email or SMS, immediately, when you are in trouble. This can be of a great help for people who are continuously sailing or working in the mining industries, where there is minimal or no network.

Custom Message Facility

By using this device, you can send out custom messages to your relatives with your GPS location. It has exact functions like check in facility. This facility will enable you to save your adventure spots in your waypoints to review them later. It will help you make your story big.

Help Option Facility

It will help you in situations when you need some professional help, be it on the road or water, this “help” feature is sure to be very handy. This function allows you to inform to your contacts and take help of the experts in case of life threatening emergencies. It is like an additional spot assisting service which can be purchased and activated on your help button. This function is being offered in association with the national service providers.

Power System

Spot messenger blinks green for every 3 seconds when it is turned on. It helps to get visibility in the dark. One needs to press tightly the on off button until the blinking disappears, to keep it off.

Spot Message Structure

The device offers multiple message option, so that in the event that any of the messages get blocked due to bad weather, the others will be delivered on time. Thus, GPS spot messenger offers the most reliable service and can help you out in situations where you need some one to stand by your side in order to survive.


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