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Opinion outpost offers to post online consumer opinion for leading companies. It invites people from the globe to participate in this activity. Opinion outpost offer free membership and it helps the consumer to further enhance the terms of their membership and to retain it.

In case of online consumer  consumer review opinions the only medium used to communicate with the consumers is website. For that matter the websites of the online survey research panels have to be captivating and interesting. The only mode to ensure the quality of the work and the security of the payments is through website. To cater that opinion outpost has made a very attractive website. The color scheme and the visuals used in the main page enhance the quality of the website. Visual used on the main page gives some sense of the market they are trying to capture, since young girls and guys are observed to respond to the online surveys.

The design of the website is very simple and attractive. It is not overloaded or crowded by the content like other website. It provides information that is required by the customer at that stage of the activity. A clears analysis of the website reveals that a very organized approach has been used while developing the website. The main theme of the approach is to make the website simple and attractive. For that purpose the website can be divided into few portions. In the first portion the information that is required only by the new consumer is provided and moving to the second stage information required by the current users is mad available. In the third stage information required to ensure the privacy and credit transfer is provided. That helps the consumer to move step by step as he enters the website. Language used in the website is very simple and understandable. With the simplicity of language it is made clears that the required message is being communicate to the consumer affectively.

Every consumer demands to keep the information provided by him private and not to be disclosed in the public in order to secure his personal and professional life. Opinion post ensures the privacy of the consumer by keeping the consumer anonymous in their research surveys. These consumer opinions are not processed with the name of the customers, the demographics (age, gender, income etc) are important to the surveys companies rather the name of the consumers.

To provide with better experience to the customers opinion outpost has developed the website considering consumer preferences about the websites. Consumer wants to have a simple and attractive, with very simple navigation system so that they do not get stuck in the website. With that the content of the website has to be informative. Opinion outpost provides all the information required for new consumers. To further enhance the experience of the consumers opinion outpost guarantees safe credit transfers. Opinion Outpost uses a reward system to pay its consumers which makes it possible for the consumer to justify their earnings

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