More Word Games Online

Word games are very popular with today’s generation. This is unlike in the past when these games were only played by people seated across each other. Today, word games can be played online by people who do not know each other. The following are some word games which are available online:

• Spider-Man: In this game, people try to help Spider-Man in his effort to keep the city free of Doc ock. They do this by spelling a word used to climb buildings. Spider-Man climbs higher if a player spells more words correctly. This way, a player will have participated in keeping the city from doc ock attack. Bonus tiles are provided to players. Here, they have to fill missing letters to come up with a word as fast as they can.

• Word master: In this, participants help a little girl escape creepies by spelling as many words as they can correctly do and within the shortest time possible. They do this by clicking on the letters in order to add them to form a word they want, and then click on “submit” when they are done with spelling the word. To earn maximum points, players have to find words with eight letters.

• Hang the alien: In this play, a participant does his best to spare the life of an alien by guessing words which are hidden. For a player to participate in the game online, they just login, then click on “new game” to start playing. Keyboard is used in playing. For instructions on how to hang the alien, a player needs to just check inner side of the game.

• Word fission: To participate in this play, a player drops a letter after dragging it. This is done just as one would do to form words in a scrabble. A player should aim at forming more words within the shortest time possible. It is played using a mouse to drop letters in the desired positions

• Bom search: Here, participants try to unlock different topics using other multiple topics which are provided. This is a simple but one of the most addictive word games that gives players a lot of fun. However, some levels of this play challenges players’ brain.

• Chain letters: To play this, players clicks on adjacent letters in order to build words. A player then submits the words to earn points. It’s almost like scrabble. They only use a mouse.

• Alphabet jungle: This is an addictive play of words which has a jungle theme. A player can use a keypad or mouse to play. They type and delete letters and words. This play offers more information on how to play when one log in.

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