Before Buying A Mattress Review Consumer Reports on Mattresses

When you look over consumer reports on mattresses you may find a lot of diversity but if you think about it, it only makes sense. If you consider how a couple may review it versus how an individual might rate one. There are a lot of different pieces to consider but broken up into segments consumer reports look a little bit like this.

Keep in mind that this is an unbiased source that took the consumer reports and what they found was most couples prefer the Simmons Beauty rest line is the best innerspring mattress. To be more specific, the Beauty rest World Class line has a no-flip design and the Simmons Triton Foundation make consumer reports for a bed set that never starts to sag. This set has edge to edge support and has the inner pocket coils, which are individual coils rather than coils that are all attached. This is a great concept in keeping the motion in control. Depending on where you make your purchase and exactly which type you decide on you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000-$2,500.

Heavier people do need to make special considerations when purchasing a mattress as they need extra support from sagging. If you sleep alone then it is not mandatory to buy it with inner pocket coils, according to consumer reports. The continuous coils on the Sealy Posturepedic work great if only one person is sleeping on the mattress. It has heavy gauge coils and offers extra support so this is the model of choice according to consumer reports. Consumers report that you should expect to pay somewhere around $450-$1,300 for that type of mattress.

Consumers rate the viscoelastic Tempur-Pedic as the choice for anyone who suffers from spine or back injuries and this claim is supported by chiropractors and doctors alike. Consumers do report that there is an adjustment period with this one before you will achieve maximum comfort and satisfaction. There also were some minor discrepancies regarding temperature. Some consumers claim that in cold weather, the mattress became much more firm and others reported that it trapped body heat. This one is around $1,800 including the foundation in a queen size.

The Sleep Number mattress uses inflatable air chambers to adjust firmness with a remote control. Consumer’s reports on it were not as good as expected. Many consumers claim that this bed is overpriced and not as comfortable as they thought it would be, especially after all of the fancy commercials claiming that both sleep partners sill have maximum comfort as each side of the bed can be adjusted according to their own comfort. It is always best to read consumer reports before making any purchase so you can see what other people who have purchased the same product have to say about it.

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