Is it Really Necessary to Upgrade a New Condo?

You have made the decision to buy a new condo and now you find out you have to pay extra for some of those nice little touches that caught your eye in the model suite. Perhaps this is a first time home for you and as well as a limited budget you know you will be upgrading in a few more years. As a first time buyer is it really necessary to upgrade a new condo?

Which upgrades do you choose for your new home?

Those upgrades that appealed to you in the model suite may not mean as much to you once you are living in your new home.

Choose Functional Upgrades

Space is usually a luxury in a new condo, so try to create more storage space. Taller kitchen cabinetry will not only make your life much easier but will also appeal to a resale buyer when moving time comes. The same is true for bigger pantries and draws to accommodate pots & pans.


Hardwood flooring is also an upgrade that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but will also appeal to a resale buyer. Extending hardwood flooring throughout and into the bedrooms gives the unit a larger feel and is great for resale value.

Neutral Colours

The important thing to keep in mind with any upgrades is to keep to neutral colours. Those trendy coloured kitchen cabinets will not appeal to everyone and may be out of style when the time comes to sell your new condo.

Model suites are very well thought out by the developer. They are meant to sell not only the units themselves but expensive upgrades that may not add any value to your unit at all.

The most valuable exercise you can perform before you visit any sales offices or model suites is to make a list of possible extras you may be interested in.

If you hire your own buyer agent before you visit any sales sites go over the list with them and get their input as to which upgrades would make the most sense for you. They possibly may be able to get some of those extras included in the price for you also.

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