How Do Women Get Pregnant During Their Periods?

Are you wondering whether it is possible or not to get pregnant during period? The answer is yes. According to studies, it is possible to get pregnant during period. A woman’s menstrual cycle is very unpredictable and complicated matter and it could vary from woman to woman. Some women experience regular menstrual cycle while some may experience irregular menstrual cycles. It is very important to have knowledge about your own body. In addition, you must gain knowledge on how a menstrual cycle works. Most women use this knowledge to prepare for conception while some can use this information to prevent or avoid conception.

Many factors cause pregnancy 期間工 during period. Although it is possible, to get pregnant during period is a slim possibility. It is a common knowledge that the best time to get pregnant is during the ovulation period of a woman. Ovulation usually occurs in the middle part of the menstrual cycle. A woman with a 28-day menstrual cycle undergoes an ovulation period around the day 12 to 16 of her menstrual cycle. A sperm can live in the cervix after the sexual intercourse for about 3 to 5 days.

Usually, most sperms can survive in the body of a woman for only 3 days but under good body conditions, the sperm can live longer which can last for about a week. Therefore, if a woman have a shorter period cycle and have unprotected sexual intercourse during her period, there will be sperms present in the cervix and if ovulation starts within a week after the sexual intercourse, a woman can definitely get pregnant during period.

Ovulation is one of the most highly unpredictable conditions in a woman’s menstrual cycle. Early or late ovulation is one of the main factors why some women get pregnant during period. Some women may successfully check their menstrual cycle regularly; there will always be instances that they will experience off cycles. If a woman ovulates too early compared to her normal ovulation period and had sexual intercourse during her period, it would be most likely possible for her to get pregnant during period.

Other factors that could result for women to get pregnant during period are the irregular bleeding or longer duration of periods. Some women have very irregular vaginal bleedings or periods. Others have a 3-day period while others may experience longer period that could last for about 7 to 10 days. If a woman experience longer period compared to her normal durations of period and have unprotected sex while still bleeding, she might get pregnant during period because the bleeding does not automatically show that the woman is not fertile. Woman can still be bleeding while ovulation is approaching and it is even a common fact that women may start ovulating or produce fertile cervical mucus at the last days of her period.

Ovulation spotting which are usually mistaken for longer period is also a common cause of pregnancy during period. This spotting produces brown or reddish substance mistaken for periods and could happen right before ovulation. If a woman has unprotected sex while undergoing ovulation spotting, there is a great possibility that she could get pregnant during period.

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