Getting the Lighting Right in Designer Kitchens

The right lighting in a kitchen can make it look a hundred times more stylish, cosy and welcoming. It needn’t cost a fortune either, as one of the least expensive aspects of designer kitchens is often the lighting. The key to creating a well lit kitchen with atmosphere is to use a variety of light sources, at various angles throughout the room. These different types of lighting can be divided up into decorative, cabinet and kitchen lighting.

The main form of light in the kitchen, usually the ceiling light, is one of the first things that a person notices when they walk into the room. So taking the easy way out with unattractive fluorescent light bulbs is not an option for those who want a stylish and contemporary kitchen. children’s lighting A lot of people like to go for recessed fixtures as their main form of lighting in the kitchen. These consist of in-built lights in the ceiling. These are ideal for those with lower ceilings, as they won’t take up the space that a standard, hanging light would. These recessed lights give a modern look to the kitchen and spread the light across the room more evenly than a standard light fixture in the centre of the ceiling. These recessed lighting fixtures vary in size, shape and price, so it’s important to shop around to find the right one for your kitchen.

Designer kitchens today wouldn’t be complete without fabulous cabinet lighting, which not only allows you to use the countertops more easily at night, but also creates a certain ambience in the room. There are a variety of lighting fixtures that will work effectively under cabinets in the kitchen, but one of the best types is the straight bar, which is fixed to the underside of the cabinet. These light ‘bars’ come in various different lengths and emit a soft light that creates a cosy glow along the counters of the kitchen.

The bulbs for these lights come in fluorescent, Halogen, Xenon and LED, with each type of bulb having pros and cons, in terms of bulb life, effect, price and ease of use. Bear in mind that Halogen bulbs can get extremely hot, so these may not be a great choice for those with children. LED lights tend to last far longer than other varieties and the quality of the light is very high. For those on a budget, Xenon lights are a good choice, as they are affordable and can be dimmed if installed with the correct fittings.

Decorative lighting comes in many forms and the sky is the limit in terms of what you can do with this type of lighting. Once the main light and the cabinet lighting have been correctly installed, the ambience of the room is set and the decorative lighting simply sets off the style of the room. You can hang lights over the kitchen island or place a colourful standing lamp in the corner. Many people like to hang strong lights along the window sills, as this gives the kitchen a warm and cosy look.

The combination of gorgeous lighting and designer kitchens is hard to beat. To get more information on how bespoke furniture can transform your home, contact William Garvey Ltd.



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