Jo Han Mok Internet Windfall Secrets Review

If you’ve been in the internet marketing business for more than a few months, you know the standard sales letter format: “Make money online with our proven super duper secret technique!”. There’s always a big promise of a big paycheck. And yes, there’s a lot of “you’re never going to believe this” in the standard pitch.

And after you’ve seen your second or third ad page, the questions start to pop up. “How does it work?” And “If this is so mind-bogglingly awesome that they’re making money online to the tune of $10K per day, why are they selling the secrets for a few hundred bucks?”

If you’re skeptical, you’re not alone. The first rule of buying any kind of business advice is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This is where Internet Windfall Secrets comes in to play. Underneath the standard “this is too good to be pitch”, the creator is this technique (Jo Han Mok) has demonstrated it before a room full of people, and they all got to watch the money come in.

This system was been honed for over two years, refined to determine what works, and what’s random chance. It’s an actual job, and while Jo Han is trying to sell it, he is also good at outlining the mental and emotional traits that someone will need to make money online using his Internet Windfall Secrets techniques. While his sales letter is quite breezy about ‘making money in your sleep’, there’s enough to show that, yes, there’s a fair bit of set up work that needs to be done.

As to the actual mechanisms in place, they derive from basic affiliate marketing processes, the driving principles of making money online since Amazon set up the earliest affiliate program. The trick here is that his program shows you how to build strong affiliate programs with good referral and click through rates; the Internet Windfall Secrets process is quite thorough.

Jo Han is, in fact, confident enough in Internet Windfall Secrets with an unconditional guarantee good for 60 days after purchase. This, while not unprecedented in the internet marketing guru field, is a welcome change. We even tested his offer – we bought it twice, on two different accounts. We didn’t tell him about the second one, and asked for the refund. While there was the usual “Wait, I’ll give you more if you stay” pitch to keep us retained, after navigating through the cancellation pitches, we did eventually get our money back with our dummy account. (We would prefer a bit more transparency in this process, but compared to some of the other outfits we’ve used, this is well above the average.)

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