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The Great Hollywood Moguls would probably have been very good at blogging and affiliate marketing because there is a quite a similarity between the film industry and the web industry. They understand what attracts people, the content required and, maybe more importantly, how to monetize their efforts. They would have made great webmasters. Hollywood can teach webmasters how to be successful.

Give ’em What They Want

Hollywood knows it must deliver what people want. In the 1940’s and 50’s, every other film was a Western or World War II drama; but they don’t make so many of that type any more. Why? because it’s old-hat and has been done loads of times before. webmastershall Charlie Chaplin’s films are some of the most popular of all time but if today’s films were made in blank and white and silent it wouldn’t attract the same support. Times have changed.

People want relevance and modern ideas. You have to move with the times.

Keep Content Up-to-Date

When a new film is released, it may make $50 million first week. The next week it makes $30m; the next week $10m. After three months it makes very little at the box office. The point here is that your article or blog is going to suffer the same fate. You need to add new pages to your web site frequently, otherwise your visitors will fall away very quickly. All Webmasters and Bloggers should know this.

Star Quality Attracts

If a new movie is released starring, say, Tom Hanks or Steve Martin, I may go and see it even without even reading reviews. Why? because these actors have consistently been involved in great films that I have enjoyed. If you keep the standard of your website content consistently high then people will keep coming back for more.

Seen the Film, Read the Book, Got the T-Shirt

Hollywood is the master of up-selling and cross-selling. They understand the power of promotion. Look at Disney/Pixar. They produce one of the greatest films of all time: Toy Story. The film made a small fortune (actually a very large one!) but it also created a second fortune in Woody and Buzz toys, books and thousands of other promotions.

You watch a film that you love and what happens next? You buy the DVD that has the extended version, deleted scenes, outtakes and directors comments on it. You may buy the book or a poster. Even the Tee-Shirt. When you go to the movies you not only see the movie, you are also shown advertisements and trailers. This is a similar idea to Affiliate Marketing and banners on your website.

Try it Yourself

These are some of the secrets of Hollywood that are shared with successful webmasters, bloggers and affiliate marketers: entertain your guests with good quality, up-to-date, popular content. And then politely offer them some interesting opportunities to spend their cash.

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