A Webmaster Forum Code of Conduct

Think of a Webmaster Forum as a public gathering where people share information, educate one another, and express their opinions. There are good and bad ways to go about participating on a forum. Conduct yourself in a manner that would make your parents proud of you. The basic rule is to treat others the way you would like to be treated. Participate as if everyone knows who you are and where you live. That means participating with your good manners in plain sight. This is not the place to rude or make personal attacks. Remember that calling me fat will not make you skinny.

You may have noticed that due to justmyfitness the lack of inflection some people do not see the difference between a personal attack or someone expressing an opinion. Be the one that extends the benefit of the doubt. Make sure you know the difference between facts and opinions. Once you have made your point it is time to move on to a new subject. It can be maddening to see a newbie start a thread that already exists so please check first. Do not create new threads that are all bone and no new meat. Study the forum before participating. This is not a social site so do not make comments unless they contribute to the online conversat ion.

Try to use correctly spelled words and proper punctuation. It is fine to link to copyrighted material but do not post it as your own. Help patrol the site. It is proper procedure to identify bullies, flamethrowers, and spammers. Make certain you have spoiler tags with the spoilers included. Do not use spoiler tags elsewhere and check the forum policy in advance. After you post you should check to see that the tag is working. Have fun with the forums and make sure your contribution adds to the effectiveness and utility for all visitors. This is absolutely an outlet for people to help each other.

People in the online website business like myself are always busy. The net is always moving and a week of absence can damage your business to unforeseeable extents. We also make a lot of mistakes. I remember my first webpages, they were full of mistakes. But in the end the most important thing is that we learn from our mistakes and research more intensively before we do something new. For example you can read articles about it, like this one. Here are my top 5 of website development mistakes.

5. links

People like me who see more computer screens than people often get caught on missing a link destination. You know how it happens. You’re working on a long webpage and put the link text there, you think: ‘I’ll add the code later on as I have all content pasted.’ And that’s when it goes wrong. We forget it because these days we need to developed maybe 10 or 20 webpages per day just to keep up with the average internet development. Luckily the web allows the more comfortable method of publish then edit but it’s a mistake that occurs often.

4. HTML URL space

I made this mistake at the beginning and still pay the price for it today. When you’re just starting out the temptation to add spaces to your folders are there, and you can’t imagine that it can hurt your site. Well unfortunately it leaves a nasty stain because in the URL address spaces are converted to % symbols. It looks ugly and unprofessional, unfortunately it’s hard to edit as it will change all the internal and external links. It happens quite often so it’s our number 4.

3. Appearance

A big mistake people make is when it comes to fonts. A font is the way your site displays letters. We’re used to the font Times New Roman from newspapers and books but surprisingly it doesn’t convert so well to display reading. According to a research done long ago the best font type is one with very clean letters like Arial. Uncomfortable fonts and ugly designs, those are third on the list of biggest webmaster mistakes.

2. Description and keywords

You can add a short description and keywords to every internet page you make. It will help search engines to index your site. It will also help your site to rank higher and thus gain more traffic. Still webmasters forget these tags and, while the influence is decreasing, it’s still just a lazy move from the coders. Our second biggest mistake.

1. Marketing

Wouldn’t it be great if your site is the only one people search for? Well that’s not the case. People find things using Google and Google puts your site in their search results if you take the time to promote it. Post the links to forums and other sites. It’s a thing beginning designers often forget and it leads to very low visitor counts because people can’t find your site. It is the biggest mistake you can make, avoid it from now on!

And those were the top 5 biggest mistakes made by web designers. Next time you’re making a HTML page, probably 5 minutes from now, remember these pointers and improve your work. Good luck!



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