Yummy Delicacies of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, the southern most state of India has a rich variety of yummy delicacies. These relishing cuisines will not only satisfy tasting buds but also fulfill one’s appetite.

This land of Dravidian culture is a paradise for veggies. It has wide range of lip-smacking vegetarian cuisines which showcases the culinary brilliance of people of Tamil Nadu. Tamilians loves to gorge on steamed rice, which is their staple diet. Even lentils, grains and vegetables are must in Tamil meal.

Rice dishes with different flavors are an integral part of meal. This dish is known as ‘Sadhams’, in which various kinds of spices are used to provide different flavour. Some forms of rice dishes are Elumichai Sadham (Lime Rice) and coconut rice.

Grated coconut, tamarind and asafeotida are very common in vegetarian cuisines of the state. They gives a tangy taste to the dishes. One important fact about Tamil cuisines is that Garam Masala is generally avoided in the dishes.

Begin with breakfast. A normal Tamil breakfast includes Idli (rice cakes), Dosa, Upma (Semolina), Pudina(mint) chutney etc. Now, its the turn of lunch meal. A typical vegetarian meal of Tamil Nadu consists of dishes like Sadhams( flavoured steam rice), Sambar, Rasam, Katti Paruppu (Dal Fry), Thenkai (coconut chutney), Pappar, Pickle etc.

Apart from these vegetarian recepies, Tamil Nadu also has numerous delicacies to satisfy the taste of non-vegetarian people. A non-vegetarian lunch consists of dishes cooked with fish, chicken and mutton. Some of the popular non-veg cuisines of the state are Meen Columbu (fish curry), Masala Nandu (Crab) recipe, Mutton Birayani ( Goat/ Lamb Birayani), Mutton Kurma recepie, etc. Chettinad cuisine is a must for non-vegetarian food as it adds extra flavour to the non-veg meal.

Tamilian cuisines also includes some quick-to-make snacks which includes Paniyaram. This snack is very common in Tamil house hold and can be eaten during tea time or at any special occasion.

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