Halloween Costume Party

I’ve just been invited to a Halloween costume party. Where do I start? Hmmm… A great source might be my local newspaper (or the internet news like CNN or MSNBC).


Because not all costumes are Pirates, or Sexy Witches or one of the multitude of super heroes. Some of the best costumes originate with your own creativity.

Remember ‘Octomom’ from a year or so back? All it took was a maternity dress and eight dolls and you had a topical, unique and humorous costume. Your Local News It started with the media and ended up with your imagination at work.

As I peruse today’s newspaper, let me see what ideas arise from the news. Today’s front page reports on the Mexican mudslide; and although it was a tragedy; it reminds me that I can wear a costume that represents the garb from a foreign country. A Sari, a serape and sombrero, kilts and a bagpipe (props are helpful, too) or a pair of lederhosen and a beer stein.

And there is a story about President Obama. I know they sell masks of the President (and many Presidents before him) at my local costume shop. And I can buy one of Michelle, as well, for my lady friend.

Further back in the front section is a story about Toys R Us. That opens a lot of possibilities such as a Rag Doll, or a cowboy, or a robot or a futuristic astronaut. Do a couple of those sound like they are characters from a movie? These ideas came from a news story.

And what’s in the next section of the paper?

Local news can take many forms, but among today’s stories featured the police and fire departments. That might open the possibility of occupational and career costumes such as policemen, firemen, doctors, nurses, construction workers, soldiers and sailors.

Our third section is the Sports pages and the classifieds. Frankly, because of the proliferation of athletic shirts and caps, a costume might be conjured up. But is a costume a costume if it is everyday wear?

And finally, the Art and Recreation section. The comic strips alone will open up many possibilities. Do you want to be Blondie, the cartoon character? Do you want to be Blondie, the singer? Perhaps a soldier like Beetle Bailey or a Viking like Hagar the Horrible?

The very last page features celebrities, both famous and the infamous. Do you want to spoof Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan? Willie Nelson or Nelson Mandela? Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt or perhaps a role they played?

This exercise is all about letting your creative juices flow and gush forth.

As for my Halloween costume, I’ll wait and see what tomorrows newspaper will bring.

The author, Russ, is a longtime owner and operator of a theatrical, masquerade and Halloween costume shop. He presently is the owner-manager-chief bottle washer of a costume informational and education blogsite. For Halloween costume ideas, vis

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