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Rocket Lawyer offers online lawful types of assistance for people and little to medium-sized organizations going from prenuptial arrangements to consolidating businesses.[28] The online legitimate administrations are accessible to Rocket Lawyer account holders, and offer admittance to online authoritative documents, help articles, and furthermore stretch out to limits with neighborhood attorneys.[29] Rocket Lawyer’s online information base of authoritative documents was the first reason of the organization, and has since extended to incorporate different other services.[6]

Lawyer administrations  Building websites for lawyers

Notwithstanding the do it without anyone else’s help lawful administrations, Rocket Lawyer offers purchasers and organizations admittance to an organization of legal counselors who can audit clients’ authoritative reports, answer questions, and give other lawful services.[6][11][21] To model, if a client needs help with making or altering an authoritative record, the individual can be associated straightforwardly to a nearby lawyer who can give guidance.[30][31]

Lawful Health Score

In 2008, Rocket Lawyer presented Legal Health Score, which helps people and organizations comprehend their degree of legitimate wellness.[32] The score, which is a number somewhere in the range of 1 and 100, depends on contemplations like whether a business has joined or whether lawful agreements are in writing.[17] Rocket Lawyer at that point gives both a bit by bit stroll through of the multitude of nuts and bolts expected to improve a client’s lawful heath and a nitty gritty activity plan that organizations can follow to cure any lawful vulnerabilities.[33][34][29] Rocket Lawyer offers the Legal Health Score administration to a wide range of accounts.[33]


Starting at 2017, LegalZoom is Rocket Lawyer’s essential Internet-based rival in the U.S. market for authoritative document documents.[35] An individual accounting article in USA Today expressed the basic insight that both LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer permit shoppers to get a good deal on legitimate charges yet additionally require some self-schooling and lawful legwork; all in all both permit customers to “save a couple of bucks by doing a portion of the work yourself.”[36]

Rocket Lawyer’s rivals likewise incorporate Nolo (once in the past Nolo Press),[37] the spearheading distributer of do-it-without anyone’s help legitimate guides[38] and the maker of Quicken WillMaker software.[39]

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