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E-spearing, otherwise called e-labour,[1] is the act of taking outsourcing work through online bids for employment. E-spearing sites work as center points where businesses place assignments, which consultants from around the globe offer for. Some e-spearing sites go about as delegates for installment, paying the specialist straightforwardly after work is finished, to moderate the danger of non-payment.[1] Employers posting work on these sites set the value they are happy to pay for the errand proposed.

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In 2012, 1.56 million individuals were consultants in the United Kingdom, an ascent of 11.9% since 2008.[2] Sebastian Trenner of the World Bank wrote in 2012 that online commercial centers were probably not going to create a huge abatement in talented unemployment.[3] Conversely, Karsten Geis of Empirica Capital wrote in 2014 that e-spearing would be an essential manager of things to come, and that typical positions will tend to disappear.[4]

Remarkable e-spearing sites incorporate Fiverr,,, and Upwork.

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