Two Methods Which Everyone Should Know

So you are at my article looking for the place where you can download free psp games? If so you are at the right place. In this article I will tell you about two methods, which are used by many PSP owners to download free PSP games.

1. Download Free PSP Games With Peer-To-Peer Programs

There are a lot of different peer-to-peer programs which allow you to download free PSP games, music, movies and even software from other users all over the world. I have used Kazaa and LimeWire. You can find these programs using any search engine (Google, MSN etc). You can also share your files with other users.

This method has advantages and disadvantages. You can download all these files for free but you can download viruses or fake files as well. The files are often low quality. If you want to risk you can try this method, but if you do not want to harm your computer you can try other methods.


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