Top 10 Movie Boat Trips That Will Make You Fear Ocean Travel

As summer approaches, more people are considering taking cruises or renting boats. Sure, that may sound relaxing and fun. But there’s always the possibility that things can go wrong in the ocean. The weather is unpredictable, the depths of unexplored waters harbor killer creatures, and international water is a lawless wasteland of crime and murder. Therefore, it’s advisable to purchase an inflatable raft and loaf around in the safe confines of a creature-free, pirate-free swimming pool.

Here are the top 10 movie boat trips that will keep you on land…

Boat Trip

Any post-Jerry Maguire movie starring Cuba Gooding Jr. is bound to suck, so you know we’re heading for troubled waters already. In Boat Trip, Cuba and his buddy, Horatio Sanz, book a cruise to meet women because women cannot run away from them on a boat like they usually do on land. However, things take a turn for the worse for our hopeless romantics when a vengeful travel agent books them on a gay cruise instead. Hilarity is supposed to ensue but does not. Cuba pretends to be gay to woo a dance instructor with an ineffective gaydar and Horatio isn’t savvy enough to play the Horatio Hornblower angle that would have certainly gotten him laid by one of the few chicks on board.

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