Terror In Silent Hill: A Great Download Movie Too

I had been postponing watching this movie for some time. I didn’t have much free time lately and I didn’t really know what this new terror movie could be specifically about. Now I’m learning that this “Silent Hill” movie is a crossover from a famous video game that I didn’t know about.

In my opinion the screenplay of this new terror movie is kind of simplistic, at least not highly thoughtful, and just written for the sake of the special effects we can see on the movie. Special effects that are, without doubt, remarkable good, transporting the spectator to the realms of reality.

The whole story develops around the mysterious disappearance of a child (Sharon) in a mysterious limbo-like town. When living with her adoptive parents, Sharon had been suffering from insomnia and strange nightmares, even placing her close to death in her latest insomnia episode. This makes her adoptive mother (Rose) look for a solution to her daughter’s ail. And this brings the story to the mysterious town of Silent Hill.

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