Top Warhammer Online White Lion Guide

One of the career options under the High Elves army is the White Lion. A seeming merge of hunter and beast, the white lion is a very strong warrior who can work well both alone and with a team. A number of gamers have constructed Warhammer Online white lion guides to help out newbies and other players in trying to both play as and fight against them.

There are three career masteries for the white lion. These are:
1. the path of the hunter

2. the path of the axeman

3. the path of the guardian

The path of the hunter enables the send top up to Philippines white lion to fight alongside the war lion. Together, they attack enemies easily and accurately. The second path, the path of the axeman, is concerned with the use of the woodsman’s axes. Here, the lions serve as mere decoy. The allies must work together in order that their surprise attack may work efficiently. The third path, the path of the Guardian, is concerned with the use of diversionary tactics.

Under the Warhammer Online guide, the white lion’s strengths and weaknesses are listed. The white lion prides itself of several tactics and skills as well as morale abilities that are more than useful in the battlefield. These are the Baiting Strike, the Lions Fury, The Shattering Blow, the Cleave Limb, the Charge, the Trained to Threaten, and the Submission. The Baiting Strike is a form of attack which inflicts 75 damage to your enemy whilst distracting them and making them lose 25% of their hatred towards you. The Lions Fury can deal as much as 100 spiritual damage to your target by letting the white lion call upon the heritage of High Elves. The Shattering Blow is an offensive attack that inflicts 168 damage for over nine seconds. If an attack was made sideways or from behind, the enemy’s strength is reduced by 75. The Cleave Limb is another offensive attack which inflicts 75 damage while slowing down the opponent by about 20% for the next ten seconds. The Charge! is when the white lion’s speed is increased by 50 for about seven seconds. The Trained to Threaten will enable the white lion’s pet to threaten its opponents as well as lessen the strength of the enemy’s armor. And the Submission is a form of detaunting ability, where you submit to your enemies and make them lose 50% of their hatred towards you.

When you fight against a white lion, you must remember that a close range may prove to be dangerous for you. The white lion and his war lion have an almost perfect coordination and therefore your task is to pry the pet away from the master. If you cannot do this and you must be engaged in a close-range combat, pay attention to how they move so that you can determine which one is the larger opponent. Whoever he is, finish him first. Eliminating the bigger opponent is a necessary technique when fighting off a white lion. It is also useful to know of the top Warhammer Online white lion guide to help you with your game.

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