Bonuses For the Bingo Player

Online bingo offers many advantages for players. They can play anytime they want without any travel involved. All they need to participate in this exciting form of online entertainment is a personal computer with high speed Broadband. Then they can register at any of the hundreds of online playing sites and enjoy all of the exciting entertainment. Bingo is considered to be an affordable form of entertainment and one of the factors contributing to its affordability is the availability of bingo bonuses that the player can qualify for.

Bonuses are a big part of the online bingo world and there are usually a variety of bonuses that the player can qualify for. These bonuses represent free money for the player and the smart player will take advantage of any bonus that she qualifies for. Why pass up the opportunity for free money?

The most obvious bonus is the welcome bonus. This is the bonus that new site members receive when they register. Sites can offer whatever they want as a welcome bonus but the typical welcome bonus consists of a given amount of free bingo. There may also be a percentage match deposit bonus. The amount of the welcome bonus varies among the sites and can be quite substantial, depending on the site. A generous welcome bonus can be the deciding factor in site selection if the site offers what the player wants.

Deposit bonuses can also be given to a site’s existing members. The percentage match amount is usually lower than that given in the welcome bonus and the bonus may be a part of the site’s normal policy or it may be a special. Either way, the bonus represents free wagering credits for the player. There are also a variety of payment methods that online bingo sites accept and most offer a small percentage deposit bonus, usually of 15-20%, for the use of a preferred payments method.


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